Why Should You Buy Life Insurance If You Drive A Car?

Many drivers ask “Why should I buy life insurance?”Driving a car or a truck is a dangerous job as you are exposed to the risks of road accidents. More than 25,000 Americans die in car accidents and more than 2 millions are injured each year.

life insurance driving carDriving safely and sober can reduce the risk of road accidents, but you can never be 100% sure that you will not be injured in a crash. Carrying life insurance will not make driving less dangerous, but at least you know that in the event of a fatality, your family and loved ones are financially secured!

 How can your driving affect your life insurance rates?

Your driving record plays an important part of the underwriting process. An experienced driver, with a clean record is considered less likely to be involved in an accident. As a consequence, your life insurance rates will be lower. If you are a truck driver, your job may have an impact on the premiums because it can be considered dangerous.

How can life insurance benefit a driver?

Here is a list of advantages that will answer your question “Why should I buy life insurance?”

  1. You will protect your family. Life insurance policies guarantee a benefit which is paid to your family (or any other persons you name as beneficiaries) if you die during the policy’s terms. The coverage can be used in anyway the beneficiaries wish. It works as an income replacement, if you will not be able to provide for your family anymore.
  2. You will cover your funeral expenses. A regular funeral costs around $8,000! By having life coverage, your family can pay for your burial with the insurance money.
  3. Your family will be able to pay off the mortgage. Dying without insurance can be a financial disaster for your dependents. If your family will not be able to pay the monthly mortgage rates, they are in the risk of losing the house!
  4. Your children can go to college! We want the best future for our children. A life insurance plan can provide enough money to pay college tuition costs for your children.

If you are a truck driver, or if you drive a car to work, a life insurance policy is an essential investment which benefits you and your family! Visit our website and find quotes and valuable information!


by Bogdan Moisa