Can Smokers Get Life Insurance For Senior Citizens?

Smoking is bad both for your health and wealth. The reasons are quite obvious: you introduce in your organism a series of harmful chemicals, many of them considered carcinogenic. Being old is another reason to worry you. Combine these two traits and you will see how hard is to find the life insurance senior smoking citizens want.

old-man-smoking-432510Companies are usually skeptical towards ensuring smoking persons above a certain age. Still there are options and smoker can get life insurance for seniors. All they need is to learn how to negotiate and where to search for tolerant insurers. People just need to browse the internet and search for online life insurance quote in order to compare them.

You cannot hide the fact that you smoke. In order to check your health, companies ask for urine tests and these tests will look for traces of nicotine or tobacco in your organism.  There are stringent requirement to qualify a person as client and if you fail them, you will never be accepted. So, do not waste time on companies or policies that do not support smokers. It is useless and you will only lose time.

Although occasional smoking is somehow different from regular smoking, both categories are perceived as active smoking. Clearly, those that smoke regularly have more chances of getting cancer or any other disease related to this habit.

If you want better rates then you must quit smoking for 12 consecutive months. Do not make the error of thinking that if you smoker from time to time, on holidays or special events, you will not be considered a smoker.

Nicotine persists in your body longer than you have ever imagined. So, rather than lying, you can search for a policy that covers your needs. You can always choose a term life insurance with a yearly renewal of contract. If you decide to quit smoking, all you have to do is to renounce for 12 months and let the policy expire. After that, you can go and run some tests and if everything is alright, you can start negotiations, this time for better premiums.

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